Happy Reads

Lean into something lighthearted with happy reads intended to boost your mood 🙂

Somsubhra Banerjee

A Journey To Space

Whenever I happen to wake up at night, an owl hooting in the distance, I set up barefoot, walking some distance. I walk on a small,

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jude folly

My Alison Portchnik

Why I’ll never forgive Annie Hall’s Alvy Singer for the one who got away. The notion didn’t strike me right away when we met for

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Colin Devonshire

Curtains Open

“By the sound of it, we have a full house.” “What do you mean, ‘by the sound of it’, how can you tell from back

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Spiritia Days

The Good Friend (chapter three)

“Hi, Skylar, what’s up?” Anna greeted her with a sickly sweet smile. “Umm nothing” she gave a reserved smile and looked at Lorica, “Lorica, can

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D. David Croot

So you wanna get into philosophy

ARISTOTLE The Metaphysics presents Aristotle’s mature rejection of both the Platonic theory that what we perceive is just a pale reflection of reality and the

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Muhammet Uslu

Strange Indians

He was going to lay down the law, when he heard the sound. It was Priyanka, the neighbor who at the time would have rather

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Bing Bing Coffee

10 Ways to Stay Positive

Positive thinking sounds like an easy goal to reach, doesn’t it? But sometimes our thoughts are buried by anxiety, fear, and other negative feelings. Here

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Benjamin Bratz

The Journey

I’m on a journey to find, the moon on a moonless night, and darkness where there is light. Hah, what folly, y’all say, laughing behind

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Daniel Esse

Never Give Up

The more you think, the more you doubt. The more you doubt, the less you do. The less you think, the less you doubt. The

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Muhammet Uslu

Poetry : Travel

My poetry journey is nothing and I won’t go anywhere Without leaving a word or two I need a companion on the way Thinking about

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Ilana Lydia

11 Go-get-um Quotes for Leaders

Being a leader is always difficult. There are days when the path isn’t clear, those following stray, and hope is a distant memory. This isn’t

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TzeLin Sam

Trash or Treasure?

It is that time of the year again! Christmas is coming. You have to make sure that your house is clean for visitors. You decide

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contemporary romance
Lynda Coker

Texas Heat — Chapter 5 of 12

Corey waited as the boy turned the thirty-second walk to the library door into a three-minute production. Turtles moved faster. It’s exactly what he’d have

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Yasmine Davis


Jude was right; I should have listened to his warning. Instead, I delved straight into painstaking agony. Everyone else saw it coming. It surprised no

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Brandon Diehl

Neighborhood Watch

The time has come. The time to protect this subdivision and all its fair inhabitants. I kneel down and adjust the playing card in the

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Muhammet Uslu

You Young

A little fun keeps you youthful; A little giggling keeps you brilliant. At the point when you get to that age At the point when

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Amy Christie

Fairies Wear Sneakers

Did you think stories are only made for kids to fall asleep, cradled in different worlds that we can’t hope to see or touch? Fairies

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John Rehg

Grocer’s Gauntlet

Photo by Joshua Fernandez on Unsplash  He climbed the three steps to the porch, clutched the knob and took a deep breath. This was ridiculous.

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Kurt Dillon

The History of Mother’s Day

A historical perspective on the origins of the holiday and its founder(s) Mother’s Day, as one would expect, is a holiday that was created to

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Krishna V Chaudhary

Home Delivery of Heaven and Hell

Once there was an old woman. She was living a peaceful life. She gave her everything to others, but destiny gave her nothing. When she

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Alex Markham

The Piano Has Been Thinking

I called out to my nan. Her high-backed armchair creaked from the next room and the bare wooden floorboards groaned. “Comin’.” Her gruff Cockney accent

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Tre Loadholt

Mothers, I Celebrate You

Photo by Askar Abayev via Pexels The workaholicWho never has enough sleepCares for everyone UndeniableMy gift to you is this loveYour existence saves Mothers, God

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Andrey Lukyanov

Worthless Structure Ventilator

When your eyes are soaked in all the nuances of light, maybe it’s time to close them, just for a little while… (Rock’n’Roll in a

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Then You Start Over | One

October, 2014 “We’ll have a cottage by the shore,” I muse aloud, feeling the words settle against the metallic walls that encase me. “The foyer

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Veenakshi Sharma


Every evening while walking on wet grassMy ears listen to the music,My feet walk with the pace,My eyes instantly go up to the sky and

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Leslie Pardew

Choosing to Smile 

I was feeling down and worried. The pandemic had shut down my business and we had no idea when we would be able to reopen.

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Muhammet Uslu

True or Wrong 

I merited him. My body was cold, and it required warmth. My inner parts unfilled and my grin showed up just all the rage, missing

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first kiss
Chelsea Marie

First Kiss

a poem the sun is setting when you ask if I’d like one more ride gazing up at the ferris wheel, your fingers weaved through

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Gerald Washington

Catch That Fly

It was a warm afternoon in Cedar Hill, North Carolina. The time was 4:30 pm. 10-year old Jeremiah and his older brother 11-year old Roman

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Valerie Kittell

Mom’s Imaginary Friend

“Well, I’ve got one for the ages, “ Alice announced to her husband Don. “Your mother has an imaginary friend.” She put her bag of

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effective photo
Muhammet Uslu

Effective Photography Guide

Subsequent to showing photography for various years and continually archiving myself regarding the matter, I regularly observe instructive material being no different either way and

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Jon Danskin

Sorcerer, chapter 8: The Deal

“Damn it. We really fucked that up,” said Etienne. “Well,” said Alcar, “at least you did, Etienne. But we’re all screwed now.” Alcar, Etienne and

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Victoria Mineva

The parrot

I found a new lover It is the parrot He fell in love from first sight But I could reciprocate him not He gave me

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Khurram Khan

My Only Longing 

When I came into being …  I was not alive …. But the day I saw you …. I can feel my heart …. A

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Amarachi Ezeudu

When Love Takes a U-Turn

Maybe he’s fallen out of love, maybe I should let go too The first day I met him, I flipped. Honestly, one look at him

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The Worst Day Ever

He was holding his laptop, heard someone knocking on his door, it was 7:50 am, he went straight to the door, turned the doorknob. “Hi

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#Writing Tip
Barbara King

How to Write a Rounded Character

Be it hero or villain every character needs to have some substance. Every story has two types of base characters. You’ll have your broad-chested hero

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We will all get our just rewards on judgment day!
Walker Ikard


There is a man without a head, high on a hill. Is he a spirit or is he real? Nobody knows what to say. They

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Mustapha Garuba


Image by peterv Chapter I “Neighbor! Neighbor!” A voice came crashing through the window of my one-bedroom apartment. “Oh, lord! Who is this again this

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Amy Christie

No Guiding Sign

Could you go on without having a limit, a boundary your steps could not transcend, weaving fear, love, doubts, commitment in one feeling that takes

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Tyra Jaide Woodruff

Soul Fires Flame Chapter 6.2

Previous chapter: 6.1 Chapter 6.2 She stood outside the doors. Just staring at the handle. Andromeda was a nervous wreck. As she should be, the

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This Life's Illusions

One of those days….

Once upon a time there was a little old lady who lived with her cat in a tiny house in a small community where she

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Tyra Jaide Woodruff

Soul Fires Flame Chapter 5.1

Previous chapter: 4.2 Chapter 5.1 The streets were much busier today. It was a Friday. Andromeda was wearing her usual human disguise. She pulled open

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Benjamin Wolfe

Kitty Log #2

Kitty log, Number Two: A typical morning in my household — Update: The cats protested against me using the word “my” and have placed a

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Valerie Kittell

The Folks Save Money

My brothers and sisters and I lived our childhood as though we had been shipwrecked on a desert island and had to survive dependent only

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Amy Christie

Gentle Leaves of Home

Have you lost your way in the ocean, the countless paths that lead you to new rivers, never finding the shore alighting to rest and

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Muhammet Uslu

The Memory

10 years prior I had woken up from a medical procedure after I got my index eliminated without any memory of what My identity was

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contemporary fiction
Daniel Esse

Everything Fiction

Here’s a list of everything fiction by Daniel Esse Heroes Never Sleep Liquor Rose Long Way Home Happily Never After A Gun To His Mouth

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Emma Hey

Best Friends 

This is the first time Samantha and Jessica were going separate since middle school. Jessica had gotten into a college in another city and this

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Muhammet Uslu


The once-a-month cookery gathering would accumulate in what was known as the Club Room of a private complex in which the Pintos lived. Pinto’s significant

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Kendra Anthony

Twiddle Twaddle

Twiddle twaddle A basket filled with bottles Each bottle filled with twaddle I twiddled up today If only I could scribble A message for this

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Amy wanted to go on this skiing trip. She really did. So why? Why was she cursed with bad luck? “Amy?” Sandy asked, slowing to

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Muhammet Uslu

Crime cannot change

1946 “Granddad, what is this?” “Grandson, that thing there’s known as a sapphire. It’s our most valued belonging. I won it.” “How?” “Grandson, that is

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Another cheerful day in Verna, thought Benni as he ran down the street. He had just wanted to eat his lunch in peace and now

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The Creation Myth: Part One 

There was nothing but the eternal sea, which is named Harthil. Harthil was chaotic, its waves were big, and its power was unmatchable. But then

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