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Satellites and Violets

In this sweet story of a love that transcends the boundaries of life and death, we meet Gina, whose twilight years are filled with memories of her beloved husband Jim. And we meet Jim, who prepares a post-life home for their reunion. In “Satellites and Violets”, love endures beyond our mortal existence. 

Shannon Hilson

Satellites and Violets

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Gina was old now by nearly anyone’s standards. Her face was wrinkled and her joints creaked when she moved, especially first thing in the morning

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Contemporary Fiction

Dennis Mombauer

Halls of Silt and Seawater

“That’s exactly what I imagined. Isn’t it great?” Ben and his friends looked down the dunes, over the beach and the rolling waves, crashing against

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As The Cruise Ship Rises

The medium-size cruise ship named American Liberty was heading to Portland, Maine after leaving Boston thirty minutes ago. An announcement was made on the intercom

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Maryandra Barker

S.O.S. Chapter Ten – The First of Many (P-4)

*** Want to start at the beginning? Here’s the link to the prologue: _____________________________________________________________________ (Cover Photo Credit – Myself) Part Four After more than

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TzeLin Sam


A Six Word Story “User not found”. I fall apart. ——— Author’s note : Have you ever had the experience of being ghosted? Or perhaps

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near future
Wendy Nikel

12:20 Bus From the Basics

Beep. The digits flashed on Inna’s BitWatch at exactly midnight: $1000.00. She held her breath, half- expecting the shriek of her Aunt Li’s alarm clock,

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Maryandra Barker

S.O.S. Chapter Six – The Assessments (P-3)

***Want to start at the beginning? Here’s the link to the prologue: ____________________________________________________________________ (Photo Credit – Myself) Pronunciation Guide: “Aerot” is pronounced similarly to

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Director Aldmann

The Fountain King

He sits upon his fountain throneendless vessel bound in bonecrimson, scarlet, dashed on stoneuntil his crime you will atone. It was a valley full of

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Ben Matthews

Birthdays (Part 3 of 3)

I took my time before going back to her house. It held no interest for me. I’d only lived in it for the last few

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True Story

Times will always change for all of us!
Walker Ikard


You get up one morning. Then you realize, times have changed. Suddenly, you realize things are different, and the times have really changed. What happened?

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Gerald Washington

A Change In Demeanor

Walking in the UPS Store, I’m excited All three retail cashiers look delighted Helping their customers get what they need I couldn’t wait till it

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Andrey Lukyanov

It Is Up To You

The notion of love and beauty is still there right?  One might start to believe, especially with the last few years, that it’s an outmoded

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Tim McDaniel

Blinking Noon and Midnight

 Len put down the book. He’d been kidding himself for an hour at least; the sweater wasn’t enough. The place was just too darn cold.

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Franzi Kinzel

Chained By My Own Mind

I felt low. I felt heavy like the raindrops that were falling from the sky every day of the last week. Disconnected. Alienated. Strange. While the

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James Jordan

Cold and Alone on Christmas Day

 The emptiness of blank concrete and steel kept cold with a freezing wind chill shows the contrast of the merriment of the season. I wouldn’t

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Walker Ikard


We planned a pretty future. It was only yesterday. Two young hearts were parted and went a separate way.  We lost a pretty future, don’t

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