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Contemporary Fiction

Jim Latham

Water and Weighted Pockets

Esmerelda Lee planned her suicide with the meticulous attention to detail so many of her teachers and friends and parents of friends — along with her own

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Acceptance-Concentration-Hard Work

Some people in life consider, their friends,brothers and sisters, as their competitors, they spend their  energies,  in proving that they are better,  than them in

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Sarah Wagner

to restart

your smile is brighter than summer’s moon, glowing water, sunny june. your eyes are truer than the sea, orange lights, autumn’s leaves. my cheeks are

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Robin Honigsberg

The Cruise Ship:  Tidal wave

Lyla stumbled on the deck, making sure not to drop her bottle of champagne. She and her husband, Cameron, had another fight. Lyla had gone

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How He Stole My Christmas

How he stole my Christmas “He broke up with me, I guess.” I couldn’t sleep at night. I was thinking about it for a very

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Sci Fi

Alex Blackstone

Surfer of the Skies

David had no idea where they were going to end up next. He and Bob had just left a planet of dinosaurs. They were much

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Roxanne Barbour


Cocoons leavesrevealing cocoonsnew lifeforms emerging Written by Roxanne Barbour. Previously published on Medium.com. This is a scifaiku (a speculative haiku). Some of my other popular

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Blaise T

Someone Has Died 

Someone has died. Of this, I am certain. I know it because I always know it. As I lie here alone in this big, empty

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Eu Ezra


An assault on a woman in her early fifties in broad day light, the man was apprehended brought to the police station. The man, Mr.

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True Story

Derek Stokes

The Mekong Rally

I have vague recollections of when I was a young child (long time ago now – different century), we used to sit down as a

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Blaise T

The Future Man 

Man: Hello there! Who are you? Future Man: I’m you from What’s to come. Man: From which year would you say you are? Future Man:

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Blaise T

The Smart Dog 

Neighbor1: What is the name of your canine? Neighbor2: canine Neighbor1: No, he should have some name! Neighbor2: Indeed, we call him canine. Neighbor1: That

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I wake up, Body is sore, Had only a few hours, And nothing more, Been up for a while, Staring at my feet, Waiting for

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Roxanne Barbour

Cavalry – One Minute Poetry

Cavalry studying library tabletsMartian historycavalryMartian animals?no skeletons found Written by Roxanne Barbour.Previously published on Medium.com. This is a reverse sci(na)ku tanka, of the form: 3

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Outer Worship-Inner Meditation

Son-mom! sometimes people in this world desire things fancy, To complete their desire they need money, Mom-son! there are people who love money more than

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Vytas Stoskus

When You Gotta Go . . . Go!

I love to shock, amaze, & pull people out of their old limited conditioned ways of seeing. Through my out-of-the-norm behavior, I occasionally do so

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