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Get lost in the words of this abstract poem. 

abstract poetry
Tonya Moore


Does the avatar sit still upon the sand dunes lamenting the scarred whales with their beautiful, sad eyes? Do you see sea unicorns piercing starlight?

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Contemporary Fiction

Tim McDaniel


“This is kind of a go-nowhere party, Ryan,” Logan said. “I don’t even know why you dragged me here.” Ryan noticed a circle of empty

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Serena Couram


     Everyone in Owen County knows Dare Winchel. Everyone in Owen County has either one of two opinions on the guy. Half the town

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bad boy
Sylvie Soul

Elite and Tawdry – Chapter 9

The following day, Tawny had her first class with Professor McCurdy. Naturally, he taught English Literature. She sat in the back row of the classroom,

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Sci Fi


Clay Vermulm

The Greatest Enemy: Part 2 

Niko carried the large clay jug as if handling fine porcelain, though the jug was sturdy and corked with the bone of some marine creature.

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family relationships
RS Bradley

Here, Fido

I had no idea why I was summoned. All I knew was that Grandpa’s will demanded my presence. I wondered why, as I hadn’t spoken

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True Story


Apple Paring

Sweet spheres                                               

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Daniel Esse

Blue Birthday

Your birthday’s never nice Yes, they always cook rice Tongue tingling  jollof with enough spice Surprise patties; Never ever Gifts and treats; Twice in forever

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Kj Heier

The Rainbow Makes Me Cry

The rainbow makes me cry when I see it in the sky. Because a rainbow make the world look brand new, It’s the only thing

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A Southorn

Gods of Energy

Being a prisoner had its perks. Arun sat unattended in the middle of a rotting hut, sturdy enough to shield him from the rain, thunder,

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Madara Greer Sr.

Hunting, here I go!

I got myself two steaming smokers yesterday. After watching fellow hunters through the summer and fall. Gather piece after piece of Native American history. I’ll

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