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Safe with me.

The moment you gave in

I felt your love crashing into me

The way it made me feel inside

The only word is ecstasy

The moment you gave in

Your body decided to let me in

Your kiss is addictive & is more divine

Then anything I can describe

The way your body moved like a dream

Took my breath & thoughts away

The feeling I could see

Was flowing through you oh so sweet

Your nipples hardened

Then your thighs

As the thought of what’s to come

The moment you gave in

You grabbed my hair to make it clear

The sweet honey that tastes like summer rain that drips between your legs

Was what you wanted to provide

You wanted it right then

To let a slick hard tongue tease & stroke

To Make that honey flow

You pushed me down & jumped on the tongue that’s just for you

You pushed my tongue as deep inside

With the weight of your body & strength of your thighs

You knew the feeling it gave to me

Would make give me pleasure only you can provide

You let yourself go with such abondon

That when the honey started to flow

A honey river flowed right down my throat

You shivered with pleasure

You screamed your finish to the ceiling

As I sucked your honey & licked it out

You lost your breath & grabbed my hair

Telling me you were ready for more.

In your eyes it was clear to me

Your love for me was oh so pure

Your honesty in your eyes

Was one I rarely see as you guard it all away from harm

But when you let me in you are suddenly so aware

The only harm that will come to you

Is a sensational overload.

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