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The letter that sparked the war.

Dearest Dalia, 

Father tells me of your love of The North Star and all that you have created. I should very much like to visit! 

Naturally, it is in your nature to shy away from Virtue, but a life of sin is not the chosen path. You must understand, sister, I will for you to be back by my side, to rule again as my faithful second you once did. 

I am willing to forget your troubled past and accept you back; the mortal realm was a creation of all Lamazi after all, and I see no reason as to why it remains unloyal to us. Indeed, I implore you; you must see sense. Has darkness clouded your vision to lead you so blind, you are not prepared for the war, nor are they! 

My sweet, simple sister, for all that you are, you are not of Virtue, now will you ever be, but that doesn’t mean I do not accept you, or your… creations! Come to The South Star, you will be forgiven, I promise! Lay down all that you have before my feet and seek recompense for you blasphemous ways, for only one as divine as me can give.

I will plead no more sister, for the father of time has grown weary of this existence. He would see now our union, the one of his creation so long ago, returned to its full glory. 

Though, I have one request. The girl of your creation, Amelia. She is to be executed. I fear your love for her will bring ruin not just to the Lamazi but on to all. 

Do not pick a side, sweet sister, for the proposal of death will lie so heavy on your head. Do not make me lower the sword! 

Your ever-loving and whole-fully accepting sister 


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