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It was the day of the field trip, and Michael was excited. It was his first time ever being excited about one. In his previous ones, they were filled with boring lectures and over-excited guides. But this one was going to be different.

That day they were set to spend the day at the museum. A wonderful place for Michael. He and his father would spend their days watching documentaries when he was younger and he would often ask him to take him to the nearest library to spend the day reading about animals, history, and some science books. He was curious since he could understand language.

Once at the building entrance, the teachers divided the students in groups of five, each group with a chaperone, wether it was a volunteer or a teacher, accompanied by a tour guide. Michael didn’t care for who he was incorporated with, he wanted the doors to the castle opened to him already.

He was set in a group of six at the end, because just the week before, a new student had arrived to his class. Her name was Jessie, and to the eyes of the other guys in the class, she was a beauty.

Michael was never the one to set his eyes on a girl, because he wasn’t popular, and he wasn’t a person to stand out. The background was where he thrived, and he used the solace to gain more knowledge.

The tour started at an exhibit that was meant to “shrink” you so you could explore the depths of the soil. Riddled with worms the size of the anacondas you see in movies and bugs the size of a grown man. It gave the illusion that a person was a part of the movie where the dad shrunk the kids and now their own backyard was a jungle full of dangers.

Michael was fascinated by the work they put into the details and explanation of such ecosystem. So much so that he was left behind from the group, as he was staring into a wall with bugs and worms.

“Wow…” he said to himself softly.

“They’re going to leave us behind,” a voice came from behind him.

It was Jessie, and it was the first time he had taken a good look at her since she arrived in school. She sat a few seats behind him that’s why.

She had curly hair, with well-lined eyebrows. Her skin fair, and smooth. And her eyes glowed. Even though they were brown, they glowed. They glistened against the reflections of her surroundings, and the bright-eyed girl shone. Gold.

“Wow…” Michael said again.

“You’re funny,” Jess giggled.

Never had anyone ever spoken to him that way. And that day something inside him burned. A burn not to extinguish, but to give life. Like the fire used on a hot air balloon. He was instantly anxious, and nervous after realizing the situation. But she didn’t let him fall into the mental state.

After that, they spent their entire day falling behind the group, too busy talking and joking around. The teachers would need to stop the tour just to go back to find them in a different exhibit. They didn’t notice any other thing but each other.

They passed through the marvelous re-constructed T-Rex in the main hall, yet her marvel was even more overwhelming. The shine of the pharaohs coffins and brilliant treasures could not compare to the smile she presented him with.

There was something about her that made Michael a captive. This was unnatural, and went against everything he had ever known. This was not the background. It was not certainly a way to absorb the history and richness off the museum. But it was bliss.

They talked about their lives, about home, school, typical things teenagers talk about. About everyday occurrences and of themselves. About who they were to themselves and not to other people. They opened that door to each other.

When they reached the end of the trip, he was amazed and from then on, he couldn’t get his mind off of her. She was all he thought of.

He didn’t realize that the trip to the museum he was always longing for was over, and he spent his entire time with a girl. But the treasures and richness of knowledge could not compare to what he had just experienced, and it was a feeling he would never forget. Like the prospector who spends his life and essence looking for one thing, and when he does, well that’s a moment he never forgets. Gold. 

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