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The first time I saw him was like a burst of fireworks on the fourth of July. A surge of euphoria seeped through my veins. They say that when you meet the love of your life, the relationship would be the ride of your life, you have found your other half, your walls would come crashing down; you feel invincible. This is what my first encounter with him felt like. The spark ignited, but after that, I didn’t how long it would last.

After our first date, we hit it off really well. He took me to a gorgeous botanical garden light show. There was a variety of lights, unlimited for all to see. I particularly enjoyed seeing the flowers and taking photos of him with me, our first memory. For two days straight, we didn’t speak after that. I assumed he was busy and I had things to do myself. He called me the night before my pitch meeting at work, asking for another date.

For the next six months, we had seen each other on an off. In my mind, lovers would be together and enjoy each other’s company twenty-four hours a day. That was only a fantasy. I was waiting and longing for the perfect partner and here he is in my life. As the days went on, our dates became brief from a trip to the grocery or a small chat at the coffee shop. They were minutes spent together, nonetheless.

Nearing the first year together, on the day he asked me out, this man was getting cold feet. He called me as I exited my apartment and into my car, ready to head to work. Digging into my handbag, I couldn’t reach for the phone fast enough and had missed the call. I listened to the voicemail on my drive. “We need to talk. There’s something I want to tell you,” I feared the worst. Had he been struck with bad luck? Did I do something wrong? He’s going to break up with me, isn’t he?

I met with him after my shift. We took a stroll in the park by my work building then went out for coffee. He talked about his career and future plans. He explained that he was having an epiphany regarding our relationship. This is it, I thought. He’s going to break up with me. I closed my eyes and sighed, slapping my hands on my face. Just get it over with, I thought.

With that, he puts his hand in his right jacket pocket. I opened my eyes to see him pulling out a small navy blue ring box. My reaction came out first with tears in my eyes before he asked the question, “Will you marry me?”

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