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Kid Stuff (Another Old High School Poem)

When I changed who I was, I could fly just as high

as an eagle, with my all-seeing eye.

Or become someone new in the games that I played,

as I swam through the water just like a mermaid.

When I ran fast and far through the grass in my yard,

Look at me! I would think. I am a centaur!

Sometimes when I played, with friends or myself,

my ears would grow pointy, just like an elf’s.

When I wanted to fly I’d grow long, golden wings,

and would fancy I could hear angels sing.

If I could concentrate just long enough,

I could beat the bad guy, even though he was tough.

When I teamed up with friends, we would climb up a tree,

and pretend we were dryads, so happy and free.

When we wanted to war, we would grab staffs and spears,

and ride on our dragons, with their roars in our ears.

When it was summer, we’d play in the corn

and often heard sounds both happy and forlorn.

When it was winter, we’d stay in our rooms,

creating whole worlds, never feeling the gloom.

Through life it got harder and harder to play.

Some people would vanish, a few people would stay.

When it became impossible to play,

my dreams kept me company; they do to this day.

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