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Grandpa’s Pulp Magazine Collection

“You make sure that Billy doesn’t read any of your dreadful pulp magazines, alright?” Billy’s Mom said from the car.

“Don’t worry. Billy will be reading nothing but educational books in my house,” Grandpa replied, “Enjoy your date.”

“Alright, I will, see you later tonight,” she said and drove away. The old man and Billy waved good bye.

“So Billy, you ready to crack open and read my pulp collection?” he said with a mischievous grin.

“You bet,” Billy said, he ran inside the house and reached underneath the couch and pulled out a light gray steel box with a combination padlock. Grandpa crouched down near the box and turned the knob. Billy waited with baited breath as Grandpa carefully opened the lid.

Billy saw neat rows of plastic wrapped old pulp magazines. His eyes gleamed with ecstatic avarice as he gazed on the colorful covers displaying bizarre monsters menacing a scantily clad woman.

“Go on ahead and pick which one you want to read,” Grandpa said. “Be careful handling them, they’re fragile.”

“Okay,” Billy said, gently grabbing one of the wrapped magazines and opening it up. “Thanks for letting me read your old pulp magazines. Mom would throw a fit if she found out I was reading these.”

“Well, your Mom can be overprotective at times,” Grandpa said, laughing softly, “But she is a good parent, so cut her some slack.”

“That’s because you’re not forced to read boring stuff that’s supposed to teach you ‘good moral lessons’,” Billy said, rolling his eyes.

Grandpa laughed. “Well, let’s read these cool magazines while we can.”

“Great,” Billy replied, happily climbing the couch to sit and read.

Grandpa sat down next to Billy and grabbed one of the pulp magazines. They spent the rest of the night enjoying stories about menacing vampires and eldritch starfish. 

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