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Greetings Simily readers and writers!

I’m just a gal who loves to write various genres.

I write true crime for the media and balance the chaos in my brain by writing children’s books and reflective stories for my column in The Lake County Bloom –

I left the only home I knew and live in the mountains to escape the trauma from a life I left behind. Leaving was the best decision I ever made and I write for change, hoping to help others who struggle with finding their peace.

My writings are not doom and gloom but more of a reality check about discovering your best life. I write with a splash of humor and sarcasm as one should never take themselves too seriously.

I will begin my writings here on Simily with chapters from my new true crime book –

When the Puppet Strings Break.

I look forward to new relationships here on Simily and hope to bring laughter and peace your way.

Warmest regards,