• The Space Between Seconds (Prose)

    March 19, 2022

    In the space between seconds, I think of you. When we interact, I can almost pretend you mean nothing to me. But I’m starting to…

    The Stranger in the Mirror

    March 2, 2022

    Rayna sat in front of the mirror removing her makeup and wondered who she would discover underneath. The white paint came off her skin in…

    The Reenactment

    February 2, 2022

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    ( 1 Reviews )

    The nature of the universe was subjective, entirely dependent upon the perspective of each individual who experienced it. If a sentient being lived and grew…

    The Nun

    January 28, 2022

    Sister Amelia entered Father Annalis’s study room with a group of her fellow nuns. It was nearing the end of the academic year for the…