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“Birds of Pray” by Andy Spears is a chilling and captivating story that draws the audience into the dark and twisted mindset of the main character, Wanda. 

Trigger warning: This story contains instances of violence towards animals. 

Andy Spears

Birds of Pray

10 AM Saturday morning. Supper Club day. Wanda would be hosting the group of eight that evening. She always relished hosting days. The chance to

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Contemporary Fiction

Happiness to work in science lab

Scientists work inside their science lab, With infinite passion and calm, Like playing on, keys of harmonium, Which are black and white in colour, As

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broken heart
Amin Fauzi

Your Presence and Disappearance

Have you ever been to a point where routine becomes boring? The days are just filled with repetition with a set of routines from this

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time travel
Paul Levinson

Slipping Time

I slipped on the wet pavement. I got to my feet and soon discovered it was five hours earlier. This was not the first time

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Sci Fi

Life Mind Body Equilibrium

Two yoga teachers folding hands, Praying to mold life of A young man , Sleeping on road side, When sun is on his head. Early

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john santos

    Reading order

So Kiva and I (yes I’m being silly and having conversations with my characters) decided we should post the read order of her adventure so

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Liisa Marjatta Jokinen

The boy and the butterfly 

At that time, there was a boy that was so cruel, even his parents could not take care of him. He was laughing at other

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John Rehg

Spare Parts – Chapter 2

Read chapter 1 here.  Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash The doorbell chimed. Martin smoothed the blanket over Bev and Marty, Jr., leaned over and

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black comedy
Ian Tenney

The West Hotel

Dreadful paintings lined the walls, Hung about the chamber hall, Their heads held high, fierce, and tall. – Bedrooms recall deaths gone by, nightmares thieving

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True Story

Rebecca Band

Southern Legitimacy  

Driving South down 17, I know when I’m finally home. The distinctive smell continues to get stronger. It can be overwhelming and certainly repulsive to

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Mission Ignited Brain

Though we are from different backgrounds, Different cultures ,different mind sets, And different multilingual countries, Generations come and go, Yet we cross borders, We remain

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Ariel Rubio

The Garden 

Gardening was something that I never really had an interest in. I would rather be reading or watching a movie or avoiding anything that would

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D. David Croot

Follow the Feeling part 14!

Part once can be found here: https://simily.co/all-stories/fiction/d-davidcroot/follow-the-feeling-free-entire-novelpart-one/ 24 Dennis woke up, it was light all around and a marshmallow warmth surrounded him. It was central heating

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Physician Kirya-Karma

According to Epic Shrimad Bhagvad GITA, Kriya and karma are two sides of physician life, I am a physician, After treating patients at my clinic,

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A Visit to the Hospital

It was as if the whole town was there at the hospital that day. The queue at the registration counter for specialist clinics began before

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Short Story
Beth Acheson

Unconsidered trifles

It was just no good. She couldn’t sleep; the bed felt too rumpled and the racket that Dad and his friends were making in the

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Earl Carlson


Eternity. That was the word. The boy mouthed the consonants one more time, “T..n..tee,” thinking the syllables silently to himself. But the mother heard him

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