Story of the Week

"Tatto Daughter" by Christina Nordlander

The votes are in, and we have a winner! Read Christina Nordlander’s story about a woman who struggles with the loss of her daughter as she faces how to put her to rest. 

Tattoo Daughter

It astonished me when I realised there were people who designed urns for babies. Cat-eared, pink, baby blue, shaped like a teddy bear or a

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Contemporary Fiction

awkward but cute
Quillful Writer

Exchange from the Heart

Being on the third floor of a city apartment, his kitchen only caught short glimpses of natural light. The winter made that time even shorter,

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Donald J. Bingle

Episodic Writing vs. Mythic Arcs

A Vintage Blog Post About Writing and Attention Spans Now, I’m not a writer for television (though I’m available–call me, really), but I’m an avid

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Maryandra Barker

S.O.S. Chapter Three – The First Steps (P-4)

***Want to start at the beginning? Here’s the link to the prologue: ____________________________________________________________________ (Photo Cover Credit- Myself) Part Four ———- After the Headmaster’s presentation

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Donald J. Bingle

Buzz on the Street

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“G’night, boss,” called out Gretchen as she used one liver-spotted hand to snatch up the cane hanging off the edge of her desk. She slung

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Victoria Mineva

So this is

So this is what the breakup looks like – Valery said sadly. – Yes, my dear friend, it always hurt before the new roads- said

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Sci Fi

Chloe Longstreet

Is It Too Late?

Eli glanced around the empty helicopter before dropping his head into his hands. He hoped more of his friends would attend the Society meeting this

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1940s boy
Melissa Powers

Cursed Time Lovers: Chapter 2

Miranda takes a seat on the curb, clutching her family necklace firmly to her chest. He’s standing a little ways away from her, still dressed

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Jim Latham

Baboon Fingers on Glass

Addisyn couldn’t sleep the night before she was scheduled to rotate back to Earth. She slipped into her uniform and wandered the quiet hallways of

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Fire in the Woods

Amber hoped it was her imagination, but it seemed unnaturally dark out tonight, even with the moon nearly full overhead. This close to the city,

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Ben Matthews

Birthdays (Part 2 of 3)

School became my release, and I excelled in science. When I was thirteen I decided I wanted to be an environmental scientist. I started collecting

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True Story

Alex Mathers

Bangkok Onsen

Martin draped the minuscule complementary white towel nonchalantly over his front. Apart from that, he was completely naked, dripping wet from a Japanese-style sit-down wash

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Michael Robert

Another Gray Hair

Damn it, that banana peel is still sitting there, after I reminded him twice already.  One of the biggest relenting challenges of being a parent

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TzeLin Sam

The Mischievous Christmas Elf

A Christmas Poem for Children (and Everyone Else) A pointy hat and a pair of pointy shoes, Grinning from pointy ear to pointy ear, Stealing

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Bougainvillea Snow 

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A Prose Poem about a Teenage Crush My heart soars like a kite on a windy day, As a silent hello escapes from your mouth.

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Victoria Mineva

Are You or Are You Not?

Are you or are you not? The reality or falseness in actions? Or maybe we should tie the knot. Are you or are you not?

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Andrey Lukyanov

Worthless Structure Ventilator

When your eyes are soaked in all the nuances of light, maybe it’s time to close them, just for a little while… (Rock’n’Roll in a

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