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Satellites and Violets

In this sweet story of a love that transcends the boundaries of life and death, we meet Gina, whose twilight years are filled with memories of her beloved husband Jim. And we meet Jim, who prepares a post-life home for their reunion. In “Satellites and Violets”, love endures beyond our mortal existence. 

Shannon Hilson

Satellites and Violets

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Gina was old now by nearly anyone’s standards. Her face was wrinkled and her joints creaked when she moved, especially first thing in the morning

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Contemporary Fiction

Romantic Comedy
Crystal Walker

Meet Leah

A supporting character in the serialized RomCom “Matchmakers” Image created via Canva and using a stock image from Pixabay Leah is one of four women

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you. me. but him.

Trust your heart and head, and you’re on the right path, right? But what if your body craves something that could send your heart and

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I think summers should come every five years. I need to live in the diamond snowbank of your smile and scorch every blue dawn gaze into

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40s girl
Melissa Powers

Collide: Part 3

When the elevator stops on the third floor, May Bell is guided out. She’s still frazzled by the strange world that surrounds her. As they

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Maryandra Barker

S.O.S. Chapter Nine – The Hints of Burning Memories (P-7)

*** Want to start at the beginning? Here’s the link to the prologue: _____________________________________________________________________ (Cover Photo Credit – Myself) Part Seven Torren set the

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Brittany Johnson

Orson, Mississippi 

Hello Traveler, I’d like to invite you to take a road trip with me to a little place called Orson, deep in the heart of

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True Story

People are living the rat race blues today!
Walker Ikard


We’re all running here and there. People are just trying to get ahead in life. You can’t blame people for wanting to move forward with

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Ellysa Greenhalgh

Life is.

Life is never idle Life is never dull Life is always happening Life is always testing Life is never predicable Life is never set Life

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Andrey Lukyanov

Meet Moi

I’ve borrowed some money from people with no intention of paying it back. Fuck ’em, the whole thing would resolve by itself eventually or at

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Matthew Portman

Number One

As told by number two Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash A man stands on a corner of a busy crosswalk in a busy neighborhood

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Colin Devonshire

The Colour of Lies

The author’s note: “This story is written in good faith. And only meant to be read by ‘little people’ under the age of fourteen. And

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Saim Khurshid


Every night I get the same dream, I wake up and the time is fajr, I am home alone tempted to pray qasr,  I hear

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Ellysa Greenhalgh


I am hardwired to self destruct I am hardwired to self believe I am hardwired to self sabotage I am hardwired to self help We

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Réven W

Our love – 3.17.16

Reminded me of The papier-mâché Hot air balloon project I made in kindergarten. It was cool to me then Because I couldn’t understand How the

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Spiritual blackbird trying to help us all on earth!
Walker Ikard


An old man was down on his luck. So, he rolled the dice for one more buck. He was just trying to find someone to

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We will all get our just rewards on judgment day!
Walker Ikard


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There is a man without a head, high on a hill. Is he a spirit or is he real? Nobody knows what to say. They

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